The Second Dark Age began subtly, in the year 2014 AD using the Gregorian calendar.  The events at first were slow but steady, and virtually insignificant from the usual issues The Society faced.  New Orleans, a city that was historically plagued with necromancers, was finally established as a Society Realm and recognized for their efforts in cleaning up the city.


In early 2015 AD, the Moreauvians probed the North American Midwest, and were pushed back from the realm of Sioux City, IA.  Meanwhile, a Necromancer hunted for what was later discovered to be his own progeny to extend his life.  I feel like this was the clarion bell that sounded, the first domino in the impending downfall of the Western Hemisphere of man.  The Necromancer managed to capture his prey, a young sorceress just coming into her powers, and make off with her for God knows what unholy purpose.


The second domino came during the summer of 2015, when a new disease surfaced, devastating the population of a town called Sapasoa located in what was formerly Peru.  The research expedition that was sent in returned with stories that were the stuff of nightmares; the disease not only killed the population, but reanimated them as bastardized Expressed.  The Oblivisci were dispatched, and the Annihilari did their job, too well perhaps.  We all paid the price for that decision.  They performed a ritual known only to them that resulted in total obliteration of the city, the supernatural equivalent of a nuclear bomb.  The unleashed energy ruptured the ley lines running through the city, and infected them.  The disease began spreading via ways the mundanes couldn’t see, let alone hope to stop.  It was a devastating loss; one we could have prevented if we’d taken the time to consider our actions, but in our rush to keep the truth concealed we unleashed a far greater threat.  Tomas Criston, damn his soul to the Void, unleashed this disease and planned to have the Annihilari rupture the ley lines making it possible for his latest creation to spread.


The mundanes panicked; establishing quarantines around North and South America as the disease ravaged across the continents.  The Society rallied behind a radical idea to purge the Ley Lines of the disease, hoping to stop it from spreading across the oceans through the equatorial line, and protect the European, Asian, and African Continents.  The Midwestern Regional Expressed discovered a ritual, and gathered in San Antonio, Texas to attempt to stop the disease. The Paladin Order was deployed south of them in Mexico to draw a line in the sand, and buy them time.  It was a bloody three days, and I recommend you read the account of Judicum James Tanner to better grasp the full scope of the situation.  In short, 70% (150 members) of the Paladin Corps, and 50% (7) of the Paladins from the Americas lost their lives, attempting to delay the inexorable march of the undead horde flooding North.  Two of the Paladin Order failed to regroup following the confrontation, and no sign of them has been found.  Fears that Criston captured them with the intent to replicate his experiment with Hope have been whispered in the upper echelons of the Society.


Something unexpected must have happened during the ritual.  Over one thousand miles away in both directions, Expressed from the quarantine line reported seeing an enormous pillar of flame, like a beacon in the night sky signaling the completion of their magicks.  The rumors continue to spread that the leader of the ritual, Conrad Jensen, sacrificed his life in an effort to contain the backlash.  His staff was the only thing left when the eruption of fire ended; not even ash remained where he once stood.


The undead horde numbering in the millions, continued infecting all they encountered, but the ritual stopped the spread of the infection through the ley lines.  This slowed the advance across North America, from the original estimate of 7 days, to a plodding 26 days.  This provided the Society Realms time to prepare and save as many as they could.  The toll… the cost of saving those precious few… hundreds of millions died only to rise again as a tool for the undead.  The necromancers of Mexico had planned well, and laid low for the perfect time to strike… If only we’d seen it sooner…


But alas, I wish that were the end of the tale.  On the heels of the relatively complete obliteration of the Western Hemisphere’s mundane population, further disaster struck.  In the realm of Omaha, a rupture into the Void occurred.  What caused it I’m still uncertain, but it seems that the shell of the very sphere, the protective barriers of the Astral, Ether, and Aether, herniated under the force of some impact.  Seven very dangerous creatures, Void Wraiths I suspect, wormed their way into Eridu before the rift was sealed.  Whether they inspired the original stories, or the stories inspired them remains a mystery, for these creatures each exhibited traits associated with the seven deadly sins.  I suspect they have remained roaming the area around the realm of Omaha, suffusing the area with their corruption, as little evidence of them has become apparent since October 2015.  I am concerned by their presence in Eridu, and even more distressed that their actions remain shrouded.  They are dangerous, voracious creatures, seeking to consume, or control everything they encounter from the reports I have read.


My apologies for this aside, but I feel I should note, that the timing of this concerns me, as it almost feels coordinated.  If Criston and these entities were to join forces… dear gods the aftermath could be total annihilation…  I can’t even begin to fully describe the possibility, but imagine a world consumed by roving undead, where Criston rules his horde from atop a skeleton pile, bowing to no man or woman, but an entity that rivals the power of gods…

Zachary Burke

Order of Archivists

The Second Dark Age of Man

The History of North America

Annotated Revision, circa May 2016 AD









In the fall of 2015 AD, at a small gathering in Madison, SD resulted in some interesting things.  A powerful magickal effect killed a large portion of the mundane population, and even some Expressed.  Investigation discovered a magickal stone, some have called it the Philosopher’s stone, being charged with the life energy of those that died.  The stone was shattered, resulting in a large deployment of forces by an ancient Immundi, General Anvillus.  Several visitors feared for the Realm’s ability to oppose General Anvillus, and requested aid from the Regional Council.  but the citizens were able to drive him off with the help of attendees.  Unfortunately, the visitors didn’t inform the Regional Council that the issue was resolved, and a large portion of the city lay ruined in the wake of the assistance sent to purge Anvillus and his men.


Having survived the harsh winter of 2015 AD, and moving into the early spring of 2016 AD, another horror struck the struggling North American continent in the Western Realm of Las Vegas.  Prior to the outbreak Las Vegas was a seat of power for the Western Region.  Through a combination of luck, skill, and fiscal resources, they managed to extend the Arena Wards around the entire city protecting everyone.  Unfortunately, the city itself was unsustainable with the collapse of the mundane infrastructure.  The Realm maintained the wards protecting the mundanes, while attempting to solve food and water shortage issues by relocating people somewhere safe.  What happened next, is probably the most difficult to sort through; much of the truth will probably never be known.  


On the surface, it seems that visiting Society members disagreed so vehemently with the ruling leadership, that they sought to overthrow the realm.  Digging below the surface it seems that some of the leadership may in fact have been hosts to inter-sphere invaders.  Some visiting Society members took actions they believed would improve the situation for the mundane inhabitants without fully understanding the situation.  Sadly, this course of action resulted in yet another tragedy.  The 280,000 mundanes, only being kept alive by the expanded wards, collapsed and died almost instantly when the visitors took down those wards.  This would be terrible on its own, but the horror of this is compounded by the fact that Criston had dispatched his strongest minion to assault the city.  Her name was Hope, before she fell to Criston’s evil and became his minion.  The Fallen, as she is now known, led her small army of necromancers and undead into the city.  Raising the newly dead littering the streets of Las Vegas, she waged war.  While a few escaped, most of the inhabitants perished, and now Las Vegas is held by the Fingers of Death Cabal.


We’re on the defensive and we’re losing the war, but despite the gloomy words I urge you to remember, if you are reading this, there is hope; you are that hope!  The moment everyone gives up, this world is doomed.  Rally those you know, and fight back the darkness.  We can survive this, and eliminate this threat; we will protect this sphere, and we will carry the burden, because we must!  We are the light in the darkness, no one else, you and me.  We will light up the sky like Conrad Jensen for the whole world to see if we have to…


Written by:

Angelica Locsin

Order of Archivists

Excerpt from:

The Second Dark Age of Man

The History of North America


Second Revision, circa April 2016 AD