Information on Master Game Official (MGO) level staff

MGO Society Headquarters
Often better known as MGO SHQ, the responsibilities that fall here tend to be of the storage and bookkeeping type, but are extremely vital to the game. This is who you thank for making sure that your character information is saved, and who you don't want to get on the bad side of, less you end up with missing Mortis in your CRB! Also, this is whom you contact at a convention if you need power cards or expression healing cards, but if you lose your strips, you're out. HQ is also where your nifty prop cards often come from. Looking for a Game Official at a convention and can't find them? MGO SHQ can always page them.

MGO Plot
This is the person you can blame for all the bad stuff happening in the big bad world of Eridu.
From the mouth of the Weaver themselves:

"My job is to challenge you to survive while simultaneously facilitating a great game. It's to make you decide what moral convictions you're willing to cast aside, while making you cling desperately to your humanity. It's to make you feel deep down the fear your character feels, and the joy and relief of making it out alive. I am responsible for making the world you play in as real to you as it is to your character. I will beat you to a pulp, drain your reserves to the limit, and make you feel desperate one moment just to make you rejoice the next. It's not about being vindictive, it's about making you feel your character, and love the victories however brief."

Or, you can thank them for the bad stuff; whatever suits your needs. #BlameMGOPlot

MGO Rules
Got a question about why an item or power does this, and why it doesn't do this? Or how you could ever possibly get something like this? Please, ask your DGO and ADGO first. Then, feel free to post in the 'Rules Questions' sub-forum in the forums.
Otherwise, Rules is who has the final yes/no on the mechanics of game. Most of the time. Unless Plot vetoes them.

MGO Human Resources
Do you have a problem with another player that can't be resolved player-to-player? Something that even your ADGO or DGO can't figure out how to fix? Maybe it's something you don't like about your A/DGO and think isn't good for the game. Then the person you're going to want to talk to is MGO HR. Feel free to shoot them a message on the boards; and please, don't be frightened by the avatar.

MGO Public Relations
This position is dedicated to talking to current conventions to assure our return to them in the next year, while attempting to find possible new venues for us to host our large collective convention games. They also get the job of doing general advertisement, trying to make sure people know about Society in Shadow, and can get more information if they want it.

MGO Quarter Master
When it comes to making sure the staff stay happy, and that they have all the stuff they need for local games, MGO QM works closely with MGO PR and MGO SHQ to make sure this game and staff stay a well-oiled machine.