Adept - Blue
Incredible martial artists. Masters of the mind. Enlightened healers. Stalwart defenders.  The specific discipline an Adept chooses to follow develops over time shaping their expression and augmenting their abilities.  They wield mental and physical powers which range from the subtle to the incredible.

Aeternari - Clear
The Immortals. The Ageless. In the prehistory of man, the Immortals were twisted to become a madman’s generals. No longer truly immortals, the Aeternari now subsist upon the lifeforce of others. Long after their insane creator was gone, the Aeternari were accepted into the then-young Society. The oldest of the Aeternari often live their lives detached from others, as countless years spent watching those they love grow old and die cause many to avoid close personal contact. Shuttered windows to the past, Aeternari bear the weight of forgotten years and constant feelings of deja vu. Ancient eyes watch resignedly as time drifts past them, often treasuring their relationships with one another and other long-lived supernaturals as the only constants in which they can find comfort.

Shammas - White
Werecreatures. Medicine men. Hybrid of humanity and the wild. The Shammas are gifted with a connection to nature and the wild that most could never fathom. While some supernaturals command nature and elements, the Shammas call forth the powers of nature like an old and trusted friend. Each Shammas has a totem animal; Bruda (bear), Felas (great cat), or Walv (wolf). Old Society tales mention a bond made by the early Shammas, allowing them to become one of these three totem predators, but modern researchers are skeptical. Regardless, their shamanistic roots are readily apparent whether taking on the aspects of their totems or channeling nature’s spirits.

Sidhe - Green
Eldritch Knights. Carefree Illusionists. Archers of Legend. Spiritual descendants of a long missing race, the Sidhe have been portrayed many ways, including capricious fey or guiding angels. Many Sidhe find themselves fascinated by the El’Chee, and much of their lore and traditions are modeled on the scant scraps of information available on that ancient race. From the eldritch paths of the ancient knights to the glamour using tricksters, from the entropy masters to the beneficial healers; the Sidhe are never predictable and always formidable.

Sorcerer - Black
Elementalists. Witches. Magi. Sorcerers have more than a title to define them; they hold power over the raw materials of creation. The Sorcerers are masters of the elements, able to cast powerful spells that craft complex protective effects and evoke raw destruction, eventually summoning and controlling the ultimate examples of their arcane power: Elementals. Sorcerers direct the awesome power of the elements with finesse and subtlety.

Vampyre - Red
Vampyres of legend have been portrayed as everything from vicious monsters to cursed saints. Reality falls somewhere in between. Mundanes twisted into gods of war tens of thousands of years ago; Vampyres require blood as sustenance, as life, as power. The blood’s power gives Vampyres superhuman physical, mental, and mystical abilities. In the millennia since they have been free of their creator’s control, Vampyres have come to be viable members of the Society, albeit with a thirst for blood. Many Vampyres enjoy their extended life and consider themselves above mundane concerns.