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    The name for the group of staff members who run 'Society in Shadow'

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    The Six Stones that make up the LARPs main mechanic

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    Players at a con in character with a GO

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    Players at a con creating characters

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    Player dressed up as her character for a local game

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Aetenari Cabals

  • Circle of Osiris

  • Hell’s Legion

  • Keepers of the Dead

  • The Furies

  • The Duelists

The Circle of Osiris

This cabal was formed around the legend of an Aeternarus whom the Egyptians knew as Osiris, who supposedly lifted the Aeternari curse from himself and became an Immortal. It is said that after transcribing the secrets of his new immortality, he was slain and dismembered by a jealous rival. Afterwards, the mystery of Osiris' immortality became fragmented and was lost in time. The Circle of Osiris formed a few hundred years ago after the alleged unearthing of one of Osiris' first teachings. Translated, this teaching states that it is immoral for the Aeternari to take the life force of others, even if given freely. An Aeternari must learn to use her Vitality sparingly and efficiently. As she gets older and more powerful her increased daily burn makes this even more crucial. Today, this order searches the globe for more of Osiris’ hidden teachings in hopes to find a way to lift the Aeternari curse and be reborn as pure Immortals.


Hell’s Legion

The Hell’s Legion is a cabal of Aeternari who have been some kind of warrior in the past ages. Even before expression, death seems to follow Aeternari and this may explain why so many of them have taken on soldiering at some point in their lives. The Legion views itself as a volunteer regiment for the Society to use in its darkest hour and has established chapters throughout the world. They meet annually to practice drills and combat techniques. The Legion is more than a simple volunteer force—it is also a support group and veteran’s association for members who have experienced the horrors of war. Attendance in the Legion varies from those who served in World War II to those who served Alexander the Great. Surprisingly, except for a few circumstances, members who were on opposing sides during a war get along well with one another. Hell’s Legion has established a network of tombs and wartime memorials that house their members who are in Deathsleep.


Keepers of the Dead

A strange combination of archeologists, morticians, and security guards, the Keepers were originally formed in Rome and Paris to keep sacred the final resting places of the dead and to prevent disruption of the vessels of resting Aeternari. The Keepers worked in the catacombs and ruins beneath the ancient metropolises to organize and give a measure of sanctity to the mass grave sites. This group has since spread throughout the world and attracted many different Aeternari, both old and young, in many different cultures. Each Keeper has jurisdiction over an area which she actively patrols. Keepers work together to place order to the mass chaos of burial sites where the remains of bodies are intermingled collectively with others, such as found in the Catacombs of Paris. Some of them have developed an uncanny skill of identifying remains that come from the same individual, and they work diligently to assemble together and provide each body with a final resting place. They do this because the Keepers treat each body as a unique and cherished vessel to those who were once living. It is considered good luck by most Aeternari to have a Keeper perform the Deathsleep ritual over their body, and it is common for Aeternari to inform them where they wish their body to rest. The Keepers of the Dead have a strong connection with the Order of Obscura.


The Furies

Sometimes known as the Erinyes, Eumenides, the Spirits of Vengeance, or other culturally-based names, the Furies are a cabal originally consisting entirely of women. Within the past few years they have begun to accept male members. This far-reaching group migrates across the world as enforcers to deliver justice in human affairs, and sometimes to other supernaturals. The Furies deliver their own brand of vigilante justice to those who break ancient natural laws—specifically to participants in familial killings, those who abuse women, or murderers of the innocent. However, the Furies are not enforcers of the laws of the Society. The punishments the Furies bestow range from bodily injury to the burden of curses to death. If a Fury feels she has been manipulated into giving false judgment, she will call forth a gathering of local Furies, called a Murder, to judge the manipulator. If the manipulator is found guilty, the Murder will act together to enforce their own judgment. This cabal claims that their heritage is far older than that of the Society, and at times their actions do not mesh well with the Three Pillars. Most of them now act discreetly, unwilling to expose their true intentions as bearers of justice for their ancient laws which carry a stigma that reaches far across the Society.


The Duelists

This organization began in the early fifteenth century as a cultured fencing club of Aeternari to train and hone their swordsmanship. It evolved into an elite fighting art that emphasizes both skill and style in wielding a blade. The Duelists concentrate on developing one-on-one combat that uses only swords, daggers, or other bladed weapons, although some have specialized in the use of throwing knives. The Duelists feel that hand-to-hand fighting is barbaric, and they despise the use of firearms as lacking in finesse. They strive to develop unsurpassed talent and emphasize that it was their superior skills and techniques which were used to take down an opponent. Fights between Duelists are rarely to the death; they are mostly seen as practice bouts, but as their skills improve over the years, they search for greater challenges. In the twentieth century, this group took a drastic shift as some of its members became professional assassins and bounty hunters. These Duelists believe that contractual killing, taken with the proper approach, provides the greatest challenge to any Duelist. These hired hit men believe themselves the most elite of the Duelists.


There is a strict code of conduct for any Duelist who undertakes contractual work, and she must eliminate the target in the traditional bladed style of combat that all Duelists practice. She may accept assistance from others, including other Duelists, to locate her target, but only she is allowed to fight. Arrogant Duelists will often leave an obscure calling card on their targets to mark their exploits, which could later cause problems with homicide detectives at the crime scene. They must only accept targets they deem a worthwhile challenge and are forbidden from killing children or non-combative targets.