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Sorcerers Circles

The Four Circles

The surviving members of the Four Circles chose not to wallow in the destruction of Mu and instead created this guild to focus on the continual progress of Sorcerers and their elemental studies. This tradition has continued, with members attempting to develop and hone in on their elemental-based abilities, and to push onward in building a stronger society for themselves. They treat the pursuit of developing their powers and ritual research as a worthy goal that may require a lifetime’s devotion.

The Four Circles try to provide all newly expressed Sorcerers with community support among the Society and have local chapter houses in close proximity to most realms. The four Grand Elemental Masters lead their chosen aspect of the elemental circle and collectively comprise the leadership of the guild. Only Sorcerers who have shown years of devotion to the Four Circles know of the locations of any of these towers. The individual circles are the Circle of Aganju for earth, the Circle of Ogoun for fire, the Circle of Ayao for air, and the Circle of Yemaja for water.

  • Circle of Ogoun - This organization focuses on fire spells and act as the offensive arm of the Circle. Sorcerers of this Circle take great pride in their martial prowess, and battle readiness, choosing more often than not a full frontal assault, they are known to be quick to anger and use their abilities. This puts them into conflict with Obscura Clean-up Teams, but strongly utilized by the Paladin Corp in tactical strikes.

  • Circle of Aganju - Sorcerers of this Circle, specialize in earth, defense and tactics, they act, in many situations as advisors on defensive matter. Alternatively, many members of this Circle work as architects for buildings and placement of Nexus focal stones for maximum usage.

  • Circle of Ayao - This Circle is nomadic in nature, and do not have a single point of focus, leadership of this circle is constantly on the move, following the winds. During the summer season, any members of this circle congregate during various storms that produce hurricanes and tornados as they believe it amplifies their power. This group are the most adept and knowing weather patterns and forecasts.

  • Circle of Yemaja - This Circle, usually resides in coastal cities, revere the open water. It is said that they are the oldest of the Sorcerers Circles, dating back to times when mankind first began to explore the oceans and seas. Many Elder Sorcerers have a tendency to descend into madness claiming to hear the call of something beneath the waves


Guild of High Arcanum

This Guild is a countermovement built by a faction of Sorcerers who disagree with the core philosophies of the Four Circles. Guild members believe that Sorcery was stunted after the fall of Mu, and that Sorcerers previously had the ability to activate powers from all four elements. They also believe that more powerful abilities could once be used—powers that combined effects from multiple elements. Unlike the Four Circles, the Guild of High Arcanum believes that it should not forget Mu, but rather rebuild it to a new glory. They feel that research should not be devoted to the continual separation of the four elements, but to finding common threads to recombine them. Members often choose to focus on their non-elemental powers, although they are not opposed to developing elemental specialties.

  • Council of Mu - This Circle work to reclaim the former of Mu, looking for teachings and scripture that work to unlock the secrets of the Universalis Elementum, or the Universal Element. This group works closely with the Archivists because many of their ideals are the same on collecting ancient knowledges, secrets of the past. This group is the largest of the Guild

  • Horizon Walkers - Members of this Circle are responsible for charting and locating Ley Lines. A common trait of this group is that they have a level of sensitivity, and have a tendency to walk barefoot to find these currents. They work closely with a Realm’s Infrastructure to find where the best location of a Nexus would be located.

  • Assembly of Le Fay - This group is the influence behind the Guild, usually taking on a leadership role. Many members have a tendency to vie for a higher position through bribes, backstabbing, and self promotion. This group is tied heavily into politics of the mundane world, acting as a spokesperson for special interest groups, or cabinet members for local leaders.

  • Speakers of Kotodama - This Japanese Order work to unlock the mysteries of Mana through the power of Speech, this group works closely with Aetenari, who specialize in Words of Power. Their Believe that everything has a true name and that speaking it gives them power. Their research has been used in conjunction with Warding Rituals, this group works close the Accords because of this expertise


School of Martial Wizardry

This school teaches Sorcerers to combine the deadly fighting prowess of brawling, martial arts, and various melee techniques, and to accentuate them with power use. The guild started in the late Eighteenth Century, when a few Shaolin Adepts decided to teach a circle of Sorcerers martial arts in order to help the Sorcerers defend themselves. Since then, this guild has followed its own direction and spurs its members to master both their powers and physical fighting.

This school has a well-disciplined, militant atmosphere, along with a high drop-out rate because of its demanding nature, and attempts to prove that Sorcerers can be deadly physical combatants who should not be casually dismissed. A few branches of this school have recently opened in North America. Members are taught to have a militant fervor in defending all wrongly persecuted Sorcerers. Accomplished pupils often travel the world extensively to exhibit their abilities and support the Sorcerer community at large.

  • Apprenti du Poing (Apprentice of the Fist) - Originally based out of France, this group specialized originally in teaching Savate, but has since branched out and teaches several forms of Martial Arts. Within the last few years, the Guild has relocated to Brazil, and now utilizes Brazilian Jujitsu, as the preferred style, due to its current popularity.

  • The Koka Elite - This Japanese order use stealth, illusion, and subterfuge to accomplish assigned missions, usually operating in small cells of 3 to 10, with a leader, referred to as a Jonin, these sorcerers act as scouts, trackers, assassins of the Circle. Many of this Circle are associated with the Bounty Hunters guild due to their specialized Skills.

  • Shepherds of Sir Galahad - These Sorcerers specialize in the use of Swords, and Blades, usually found with a code of honor, many of them work for religious orders, and priests, rabbis, or other members of the Clergy. Devout in their respect faith is said to grant them courage to face the most dangerous and fearsome foe. Many members of the Paladin Corp, who are sorcerers, belong to this Circle.

  • Grey School of Defense - A relatively new school it has gain popularity in the last the 1980’s this style believes in treating all attackers as if they were armed. Utilizing grapples, pressure points, and holds, members of this Circle are usually found working for law enforcement, correctional institutions, or small local militias. Used for disarming and immobilizing the opponent, many members of this group work for Obscura as part of an Oubliette. Rumor has it that the Grand Master of this Circle can use pressure points to take away the expressed powers temporarily.


The Community

The Community’s agenda is to subdue the Sorcerers’ reputation as deviants who have little regard for the First Pillar, and instead show that the majority of them are, in fact, responsible citizens. These Sorcerers are strong supporters of their realms, always conscientious of the laws and traditions of the Society and eager to help solve problems. It is the Community’s philosophy that any job can be accomplished by the right Sorcerer, and that most problems can be solved with intelligent application of their powers. They are seen as untrustworthy by most other Sorcerers and to the Shammas themselves for their eagerness to improve relations between the two Expressions. Aside from this, the organization has positive relationships with most other Expressed groups, although some Sorcerers view them as turncoats and sycophants.

  • The Family, Petulengro - Originating in the areas of Eastern Europe, this is a family of Gypsies. The group, are known for creating high quality blades. Like normal Gypsies this group is known for travelling around, never staying in one place too long. This family is not a rich family, not believe in monetary sums, but tend to trade for different mundane items ranging from chickens to ritual components.

  • The Hector Romano Garcia Jimenez Commune - Based out of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras this group believes the it's founder, Hector Ramano Garcia Jimenez is a being of pure Prima, and should be revered as a prophet and spiritual leader of the expressed. They are mostly peaceful but do maintain a small security force. Many members of this guild have work is public service, or are blue collar workers. Many locations of this group are well stocked and prepared for assault and/or disasters and are consider self-contained locations.

  • The Qwara - One of the few groups based out of Africa, the Qwara believe in the strength of the group, working closely with the Covenist faction, this group is usually never seen as an individual person, but travel in groups called Kundi, many members act as auditors for the faction. This group is also known for maintaining the Second and Third Pillars. However, when strife or battle come, they are some of the first to show a unified force through power use, making them disliked by clean-up teams and Obscura.

Children of Marx - This organization still practice communism, based out of the northern part of Siberia, many of these Sorcerers abide a class-based system to ensure fairness and equality, and for the most part they are successful. They are the largest producers of mechanical parts for airline turbine engines in all of Russia, and in the top 10 in the world, this group serves as one of the main funding sources for the Background group. The area that this group is based out of has one of the lowest unemployment rates in whole country. International members hold ideals of helping those with a desire to work with finding them a job, many of these international members are social workers or work for job placement.