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    The name for the group of staff members who run 'Society in Shadow'

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    The Six Stones that make up the LARPs main mechanic

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    Players at a con in character with a GO

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    Players at a con creating characters

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    Player dressed up as her character for a local game

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Shammas Hordes

  • Souls of the Earth

  • The Huntsmen

  • The Devourers

  • The Obscuring Hand


Shammas Hordes

Horde is the common term for a group of Shammas following the same ideology (though some may prefer Pack, Pride, Sleuth, Leap, Pounce, Band, or Rout). There are many different ideas that circulate among the Shammas, but four main Hordes are known almost worldwide: Souls of the Earth, The Huntsmen, Devourers, and The Obscuring Hand.


Souls of the Earth

This group is rumored to have developed shortly after the Shammas were created, and it has existed since that time in various forms. The Souls seek to reconnect with their Shaman natures and powers. The return of some of the Shamanistic powers to the Shammas is a source of great pride for this Horde, even if it does not claim direct responsibility for the powers’ return. The Souls limit their reliance on their other forms, teaching that there is much more to each Shammas than their shammosa form. Some of the Souls do not mind the feral form, as it seems in harmony with nature, but all stay away from their shammosa form whenever possible. Most outsiders refer to the Souls as humanists or shamans.

The Souls, as a Horde, are not very active in Society politics except in regard to the First Pillar. Older members of the Souls are pushing, once again, to be allowed to interact with and help humanity by use of their powers, even if on a small scale. This has been tried in the past and has always ended in catastrophe, so no one, from the Grand Council on down, is eager to try this social experiment again.


The Huntsmen

The Huntsmen are a group of Shammas who still remember their ancient roles as trackers and providers of the tribe. In modern times, the Huntsmen choose their tribe rather than being born into one. The selection of a tribe is a varied process: the Huntsman may devote herself to a group of Supernaturals in her area, to the Huntsmen only, to a specific Realm, or secretly to a group of Mundanes. Whomever she chooses, the Huntsman is then dedicated to helping her charge succeed. Many Huntsmen become bounty hunters for the Society or “Police Officers” of a Realm. They pride themselves in their ability to track their prey anywhere across the globe and to discern even the slightest of clues that others would invariably miss.

An offshoot group of the Huntsmen specializes in the discovery of Nascent Supernaturals. While there are never enough Huntsmen to find them all, this group takes the job seriously, and members keep in very close contact to inform each other when a Nascent is found. Upon discovery of a Nascent, the Huntsman attempts to contact the proper Realm authorities, so that they may take the Nascent under wing. For this reason, if for nothing else, most Huntsmen are initially welcomed into any Realm.



Devourers revel in the beast within. These Shammas, more than any, toe the line between help and hindrance to Society. Their bestial natures made them awe-inspiring combatants in ancient times and make them invaluable in today’s supernatural confrontations. Unfortunately, their destructive measures and love for shammosa form can make them a nightmare for an Obscura Crisis Team to cover up.

Devourers are the embodiment of the beast. They revel in the chaos and destructive aspect of nature and see no reason not to be its instrument. When a Devourer chooses to activate a Nascent, she never employs any method but The Chase, and it is usually a harrowing experience for the newly Expressed. Fairytales and folklore of were-wolves were fashioned after the Devourers and the group delights in the fact that mundanes still remember and fear them. They are rough around the edges, tough as the animals they revere, and could care less about most rules but they are invaluable for their combat prowess. And while they are usually uninhibited and blunt, they are not to be underestimated. Many are intelligent and cunning, a fact that has caught many creatures (and other Expressed) completely unprepared.


The Obscuring Hand

Contrary to their name, the Hand’s members endeavor to bring truth to light and to unveil secrets long dead. Originally founded during the Mythic Age to discover the truth about the Expressions’ transformation, the Hand was given its name by members of the Souls Horde who disagreed with one of the Hand’s initial analyses. The Hand has never found the whole truth of the Shammas’ creation and still pursues their first charge to this very day. Now, they seek after all kinds of truth, delving into the mysteries formed from the fragments of history, both physical and mystical. They are treasure hunters, truth seekers, and mystics. They seek a harmony within themselves because they see balance as the true path and they espouse their beliefs through their actions.

The Hand is a balancing factor following many unique avenues. Members of the Hand seek an equilibrium between their animalistic and shamanistic powers, as well as within the Shammas community. Out of all the Hordes, the Hand is the most vocal and active in Society politics and frequently takes the weight of the Shammas upon its shoulders during political discussions. But, while the Hand is active in politics and strives for balance, it never turns its back on truth. Once its members are sure of something, they will put every effort forth to prove it, or at the very least ensure that their message is heard.