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    The name for the group of staff members who run 'Society in Shadow'

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    The Six Stones that make up the LARPs main mechanic

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    Players at a con in character with a GO

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    Players at a con creating characters

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    Player dressed up as her character for a local game

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Sidhe Courts

The Confederacies of Nobles

The Nobles often claim that the rise of the Empire of Thorns was a direct result of their guidance and gentility. Today the Noble lords continue to make their mark upon modern Society and have consistently proven that the pen—or in some cases the silvered tongue—is deadlier than the sword. Prospective candidates of the Confederacy are weighed on their merit and they endure a grueling initiation program to prove themselves worthy. The training places the initiates on the lowest tier of the Confederacy’s social hierarchy, and they are treated as servants who are groomed and taught to use proper etiquette by their mentors. By the end of their mentorship, Noble Sidhe will have the skills and proper training to become efficient leaders, diplomats, seneschals, advisors, and salesmen. Sidhe who are part of the Confederacy are considered the quintessential socialites of the Society, and each local Confederacy, if part of a larger Family, functions as its administrative strength. There are a few Confederacies that do not make alliances with other local Families, and they specialize in training impartial diplomats and advisors.

  • Bellrose Family

  • House Cervantis

  • The Court of Thorns

The Knightly Orders

The Eldritch Knights have charged themselves with protecting and upholding the traditions of the Sidhe Knights of old, who were the predominant fighting force during the Empire of Thorns. These warriors are masters of Eldritch weaponry and prize their martial prowess over all other pursuits. The Knightly Order of today is not one organized army, but many independent Orders that swear to protect their countrymen, be they Society members in general or fellow Sidhe in need. Younger knights are known as squires, and they are promoted by successfully undertaking quests and proving themselves worthy of higher titles. The squire’s chosen quest must necessitate discipline, require combative skill, and follow the code of conduct established by the specific order. A Knightly Order is the martial strength of its Family. Orders that do not align themselves with a larger Family are frequently labeled as mercenaries, even though many such independent Orders devote themselves to the service of the entire Society.


The Guilds of Shadow

Members of the Guilds have been plying their trade as assassins, spies, and informants since the birth of the Empire of Thorns. The Shadow Guilds of today are a loose conglomeration of Sidhe assassins and illusionists who pursue their trade for profit and the benefit of their respective Families. Prospective candidates learn to meld their Glamours with stealth and deception into a highly skilled and delicate art. Mentors take their apprentices on covert missions to instruct them in applying their skills. Once an apprentice is deemed worthy, the elders of a specific guild design a special initiation mission which will encompass the entire skill set of the apprentice. The Guilds believe an individual’s true strength must remain hidden so she does not betray any weaknesses. A Shadow Guild is both the information network and covert special force of its specific Family. Non-affiliated Shadow Guilds often specialize in information brokering, assassination, and sometimes Realm Special Ops teams.


The Insurgency of Thorns


The Insurgency of Thorns began as a movement in the early Twentieth Century that sought to abolish custom and form a new destiny for the Sidhe. The group is composed of radical Sidhe who are weary of the old traditions and are embarrassed by the Sidhe’s role in history and the legacy of the Empire of Thorns. Along with their desire to change Sidhe society, the Insurgency also supports mundane radical movements, is against sexual discrimination, and struggles for the equality of all Expressions. Members of the Insurgency are proud to be rejected by other members of Sidhe society. They are against the prestigious mentorship program and detest the importance which is placed on one’s lineage. The Insurgency also morally opposes any Sidhe who lords over others because of her perceived social status. A more radical element within the Insurgency considers itself to be freedom fighters at war against the oppression of their own kindred. The Insurgency believes that the Eldritch Knights and the Shadow Guilds are stooges for the Confederacy of Nobles.