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    The name for the group of staff members who run 'Society in Shadow'

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    The Six Stones that make up the LARPs main mechanic

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    Players at a con in character with a GO

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    Players at a con creating characters

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    Player dressed up as her character for a local game

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Welcome to the website for Emergent Stories, a player run association dedicated to running a globally interconnected game of Society in Shadow, a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) game created by Six Stones. Here you can find out information about the Expressions you can play, Emergent Stories staff, and even look to see if there is a local game near you; this LARP is not restricted to conventions!


Society in Shadow is a modern setting, cinematic Live Action Role Playing Game, with mechanics based combat. The Society is a shadow government of Expressed (supernaturals) composed of 6 unique Expressions that all work together to maintain the balance of Pryma (the natural creative and destructive force in the world).  The Society fights against entities far more sinister than the Expressed, protecting Eridu from complete annihilation.  There are several adversaries that oppose The Society including Partisans, The Cresent, Moreauvians, Necromancers, and The Void. There are also many internal factions that form The Society, but they don't always see eye to eye. Tensions between Expression Background Groups, governing factions competing for power, and Society Guilds working to uphold the 3 Pillars, causes constant friction threatening to tear The Society apart from the inside. 


Welcome to The Society, which Expression will you play? 


Don’t forget to check out the link to the forums, where you can get more information in and out of character.  


Please remember to follow our General Rules of Conduct (GRoC)!

The Three Pillars of The Society 

“Thou shall not draw undue Mundane attention to the Society.”

“Thou shall defend the well-being of Mundanes as you do that of the Society, for our fates are intertwined."

“Thou shall assist in the education of any Supernatural beings so that they understand the need to remain hidden, or assist in their removal so they do not threaten the Society.”